mini howto's

here's a few mini howto's i've written - mostly as a reference.

Apache / IMAP SSL Howto
UW-IMAP mbx Howto
DSVR quota monitoring
Cyrus SASL, Cyrus IMAPD and RedHat 7.3
Cyrus SASL, Cyrus IMAPD and OpenLDAP on Gentoo Linux
Secure POP/POP3 Mail over SSH on Windows HowTo
Bash script for Typo3 Hosting setup

other howto's

Promise Fasttrack(tm) IDE RAID Howto


twin (textmode window environment for linux) notes

linked howto's

Other peoples howto's I've found useful or are related to other work that I've done.

Converting a non-RAID RedHat System to run on Software RAID
Secure POP using SSH

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